Premier Trading Group services were forged by our Founder’s experience on both sides of the table- as a Capital Provider and later as an Entrepreneur. Based on that experience we hope to strike the balance and generate interest understanding and brokering deals on both sides of the table to get a desirable outcome for all.
We have been founded in 2001 and have been under the same management since. While there are many fundraising advisors and crowdfunding platforms, we differentiate significantly by providing funding solutions coming only from outside of Australia, or institutional and sophisticated investors. We do not service with retail investors.
We also help Entrepreneurs not only with investor introductions, but with the Global expansion of their business, enabling them to self-fund growth from their profits. Specifically, we broker license and patent acquisitions with introductions to companies or funds interested in technology transfer.
Our mission is to provide an economic solution to funding needs, by covering up front costs only and earning profit from success fees on deal closures.

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