Exchange rates make a major impact of gross profit on Importers/Exporters balance sheets. It’s a risk that can be transferred to the insurer, allowing the Importer/Exporter to focus on their business risk free. Using the same mechanism as insurance, we will take the FX risk away from you for a fee, allowing you to run your business with no unpleasant surprises ahead.
Furthermore, our clients receive our updates and forecasts of the FX rate movements as part of our advisory service, assisting Financial Directors with their planning and forecasting.
Furthermore, we offer options to pay, receive or hold foreign currencies across various currencies.
As FX specialists, we provide physical exchange and currency delivery services
at much more competitive rates than banks on average.
Our Clients Choose Us because we :
• Have cut upto 50% of their FX costs.
• Tailor FX solutions to facilitate cross-border trade & investment.
• Offer foreign currency accounts - USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, CAD, HKD, JPY.
• Deliver a vast array of exotic & emerging market currencies – including PGK.
• Settle with 96+ trusted domestic & international banks.
• Provide strategic consulting to identify & hedge FX risk.
• Are a team of FX experts handling accounts from start to settlement.
• Utilise segregated client trust accounts with security trusts in place.
• Have a fast & convenient on-boarding process.
• Importers and exporters transacting $20,000+.
• Mining companies with exotic currency exposures.
• Financial services firms with global operations.

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