Offer for Investors
Our offer for investors is predominantly our vetting process of every candidate equity offering. We are the initial fact finding verification filter, from which the investor can apply their own second vetting process.
Furthermore, for Investors seeking Australian residency, we specialize in finding strong candidates that meet the 132 and SIV visa requirements. For 132, the Immigration Departments preferred projects are located in regional Australia, and preferably in Agricultural, Tourism, and that is exactly the region where our Headquarters is. These regional investments not only increase the likelihood of a a successful visa application, but also have a much smaller investment minimum -AUD $1.5 million rather than AUD $2.5 million, saving you $1 million in capital requirements.
For foreign corporate investors, interested in entering the Australian Consumer market with their product, we are able to assist in M&A by seeking out a potential target acquisition in Australia to expedite your market entry.
Lastly, Australia is an innovative place. With a large but not limited to agricultural and mining industry, there are many technological solutions that are applicable in your home country that can increase efficiency, saving giving you a competitive edge over your competitors. Under a buyers mandate, we are able to assist you in such technology acquisitions and or master licensing from Australian SMEs…
Finally, there are also reasons to participate in sourcing capital in Australian public markets via an IPO or RTO listing. There are many reasons for a foreign listing, such as regulatory restrictions in home territory, prestige and marketing reasons with a foreign listing, or simply as an alternative source of capital. We are able to usher you through the process via our partnerships…

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