We are able to support project financing and import transactions in
amounts of over $10 million. Financing comes from European Export
Financing Funds, and as a requirement must involve goods or services
that are coming from that area.
Advantages for Importer:
• Importers are provided with financing for purchases of European goods and services.
• Preferential cost of financing- low interest rate.
• Repayment period up to 10 years.
• Financing in USD, EUR.
• Grace period for the whole time of contract / project execution ( no interest charged or capitalized during contract execution).
• Possibility of single instalment repayment for loans with duration up to 2 years.
Advantages for a Buyer’s Bank:
• Buyer’s Bank receives financing at low cost
• Buyer’s Bank takes no risk until the project/export is completed
• the structure of financing corresponds with the terms of the credit granted to the Buyer
- no interest rate risk
- no liquidity risk
- no currency risk
• access to new clients, mainly companies active on international market
Projects such as construction of buildings, airports, ports, roads, bridges are invited to apply for credit with us. Government projects are welcome !
Generally, the Importer will be required to have the backing of a credit worthy bank/financial institution. The Importer’s bank will be required to guarantee repayments by the importer, however only AFTER the contract/project is completed. During the contract phase (building phase for constructions) there is no risk borne by the importer’s bank.
Government Projects
Government projects are very welcome. In case of Federal/Central Government acting as an importer, of goods or services, the involvement if a local financial institution may not be necessary. At times, guarantees from a national government may be enough to issue credit.

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